Tom Finch Limited

Blurton Road

The project involved the complete refurbishment of an existing Victorian terraced home, that had been crudely split into three dwellings, reconciling the building once again as a single family dwelling. Significant additions in the form of a refurbished basement storey and rear extension were also added.

Responding to the needs of the clients, two creative professionals who frequently work from home, the proposal retained the principle of the original plan’s separate ‘front’ and ‘rear’ rooms, instead of the approach of introducing a contemporary ‘open plan’ combination of the two. Instead the variety of spaces required by the client were achieved varying the height and therefore the relative proportions of these spaces. The result is a series of studio spaces of differing scale, orientation and light quality.

A simple palette of natural clay plasters, pre-cast concrete components, birch plywood flooring and oak detailing provides a robust and subtly consistent backdrop to the activities of the house.

Constructed between May 2016 and September 2018.

Photography by Max Creasy.