Tom Finch Limited

Morales Finch is an architectural practice, founded by Emilie Morales and Tom Finch in London, 2016, and now primarily based in Brussels.

As a studio, the practice of architecture serves as a medium for exploring a number of related interests, which each new project allowing presenting a unique combination of these influences.

Having met whilst working in practice together, both directors share previous experience working in prominent UK and Belgian architecture offices. Morales Finch forms a natural progression of this relationship and builds upon a number of previous collaborations that the directors explored independently.

The studio is involved in a range of work, from furniture design to buildings, in the UK, Belgium and further afield. This variety is deliberate and represents an interest and motivation that seeks to represent a set of common interests, irrespective of their scale.

Current projects include the refurbishment of a number of private dwellings, a painter’s studio and furniture commissions, developed whilst actively seeking new opportunities.


New projects

We welcome the opportunity to discuss new projects with potential clients, irrespective of scale and typology. As a studio we are experienced in helping clients develop briefs, in order to understand how best we might serve their needs. We also realise there is no ‘typical’ method of working, and as such are adaptable in terms of our level of involvement, whether that be proposing initial ideas in a projects infancy, or delivering a project to completion.



The studio welcomes applications from motivated individuals, keen to work in a like minded team. Applications are reviewed as new projects commence and, with portfolios and covering letters addressed to:



Morales Finch Sprl, Rue de Metal, 35. St-Gilles 1060, Bruxelles.

Morales Finch Ltd, 1 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AG.

Registered Company: 09649728