Tom Finch Limited

Practice’s in research #3

We were grateful to be invited to take part in the third ‘Practice’s in Research’ seminar, as part of ‘In Practice’, “a platform for architecture practices at the heart of research through lectures, seminars and books” at CIVA Brussels.

Responding to the second of two themes, ‘Explorations and Cartographies’, we took the opportunity to chart our interests, influences, the connections we aim to establish between, and the resultant outcome of these observations in the output of our studio.

This took the form of a visual essay, presented at CIVA and displayed within a replica of a presentation unit that was one of the studio’s first projects.

The piece of furniture was made especially for the event and the items displayed but adopts standard proportions and readily available materials and fittings. Intended to confuse what could be understood as being bespoke, existing, intentional and coincidental it neatly encapsulated the ideas we aimed to present as being of interest to us.

We thank In Practice and the organising committee for the invitation to participate.

All images as per the accompanying credits