Tom Finch Limited

Warrington Crescent

The refurbishment of an existing dwelling, Located within a listed Victorian terrace, the project was conceived, primarily, as an exercise in exposing the original plan form of the building and in doing so reintroducing an efficiency to spaces that had been eroded through a series of recent incremental alterations.

The original building formed what would have been a servants quarters. A tightly knit series of interconnected rooms, some with multiple entrances, was evidence of the fact that this was would have originally been very much a secondary space within the building as a whole.

A key concern was therefore to both remove more recent additions to the building, whilst introducing a hierarchy to the the spaces within it, eliminating a sense of occupying ‘inhabited corridors’.

To consolidate these changes, a consistent and light palette of materials and details aimed to reduce the properties of typical basement spaces, whilst making best use of views and the natural light provided by a communal garden.

Constructed between August 2017 and February 2018.

Photography by Oskar Proctor.